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Apply for funding

Some notes about our process:

  • Please be sure your proposal is aligned with our mission. To learn more about how we think about the mission, be sure to read our blog.

  • If you are an existing grantee, there's no need to re-apply here. Instead, make note of your needs in the grantee portal.

  • While our primary focus is the United States, we make exceptions for compelling international projects that have the potential to replicate or spill over into the United States.

  • We process grant applications on a quarterly basis (typically, at the end of each calendar quarter). At most, expect a 4-month turnaround.

  • Most of our grants are for serious, dedicated full-time efforts of 6 months or more (and usually, multi-year efforts). For smaller grants, we encourage you to reach out to an organization which specializes in small seed grants.

  • If you like our approach but aren't sure how you best fit in, consider looking at our wishlist projects. Or, reach out and talk to us.

All set, ready to apply?

Image by Antonio Grosz
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