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Help us build a kinder world

Phauna funds and seeds organizations and individuals that are working to end human exploitation of other species. 

Our unique approach


Traditional approaches to our mission aim to change the world outside, either through advocacy, policy, technology, or other methods. While we think this type of work is important, we are more focused on what we can do for vegans, animal activists and advocates, and liberationists in order to strengthen our movement from the inside out. To learn more about this and other aspects of our approach, check out our blog.

Areas of interest


We recognize that the scale of our vision is large, and achieving it will require sustained pressure. Too often, good ideas turn into actions which fade away into exhaustion, whether personal, financial, or through lack of social cohesion. To that end, we put priority on projects which are focused on increasing the capacity, endurance, and power of our movement.


We feel that liberation work is neglected relative to welfare, alt-proteins, and food systems work. We are excited to fund projects that push the movement more towards a liberation focus.


We believe that changing the dominant culture of our society towards compassion is the essence of our mission, and is an end in itself. However, it is less visible and less obvious than other forms of change. So we think it's another area of neglect and are excited for the wide-open potential of projects that focus on culture.

To learn more about our approach, check out our blog



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